Image of a girl at night time, she wears her hair up and she has acne


It's A Common Question: What Is Acne?

Wondering what acne is? Acnecide answers your common queries on acne, treatment and prevention.

2021-05-17 17:14:26 By Acnecide

Image showing girl with a helmet on her head and a face covering pulled down to rest under her chin. She has acne


More Spots Since Wearing Your Face Covering? Here's Why!

Find out how wearing a face covering can contribute to both acne mechanica (Maskne) and acne vulgaris.

2021-05-17 17:15:48By Acnecide

Image showing a man wearing a black face covering, looking directly at the camera.


5 Ways To Help Prevent Your Face Covering Making Spots Worse

Here are 5 tips which can help you care for your skin whilst wearing a face covering.

2021-05-17 17:17:35By Acnecide

Man smiling in the mirror with clear skin


How Does Acnecide Medicinal Treatments Work?

Learn more about benzoyl peroxide and why Acnecide treatments are so effective.

2020-11-05 15:35:56 By Acnecide